Whether you’re looking for the perfect fall getaway or a few days on the slopes, the small but trendy town of Manchester, Vermont, has quickly become one of the best areas in the state for every season. Only a four-hour drive from Manhattan and a two-hour drive from Boston, Manchester is easily accessible for a three-day vacation while also embodying the quintessential Vermont town... - read more from Travel + Leisure

Mornings are Better in Manchester

Have a craving for Manchester's best croissants, freshest bread, favorite doughnut, or coffee drink? Consult our guide to local bakeries and cafes, then go!

Indie Bookstores: An MVT Itinerary

In February, the New York Times said Indie Bookstores are back! Lucky us, however. Our local shops are steadfast, and treasured by the community.

Local Vistas and Views

Mild weather, open paths, and spring visibility make for some of the best moderate elevation hikes in and around Manchester! Our favorites on the blog...