When you buy Danforth Pewter, you bring a unique piece of authentic Vermont artisanship into your life. All of our goods are handmade in Middlebury, Vermont by our team of local artisans, who cast, spin, polish, paint, and assemble raw metal to form the exquisite object you hold in your hands.

Our workers all come from our local community and are trained in-house, becoming world-class artisans who are passionate about their trade. In a time when most commercially sold metalwork is machine-made in a factory, Danforth Pewter stands as one of the few uniquely personal, human-centered businesses, where working metal is an art, and our pride is in our handiwork.

We invite you to visit our workshop in Middlebury, Vermont, where our expert artisans make everything we sell. Here, a small team of metalworkers spin disks of pewter into oil lamps and tumblers. (They make it look easy, but that’s because each worker apprentices for over two years.) In another room, artisans carve vulcanized rubber, creating the molds that will shape ornaments, earrings, and frames. In the back, one worker polishes a vase until it shines. Elsewhere, a painter brushes color onto to the wing of each songbird ornament. Finally, one last worker puts on the finishing touches, such as a ribbon or a chain, before boxing each one and shipping it to you.

At Danforth Pewter, our mission is to create finely crafted heirlooms that can be used every day and enjoyed for generations. Everything we make, from our ornaments and jewelry to kitchenware and home goods, is handmade by our local artisans in the heart of rural Vermont, where we design and create items that will enrich your life for years to come.

This is Danforth Pewter, where we work metal by hand.