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The Lincoln Family Home

Located on 400-acres in Manchester Village, the historic Lincoln estate is a favorite destination for locals and visitors alike. Whether you’re a history buff, a nature lover, or a fan of gorgeous architecture, Hildene offers amazing grounds and gardens, informative tours, historical exhibits, and a fabulous museum store and welcome center. Don’t miss “The Sunbeam“, a completely restored, 1903 Pullman car, a chance to tour the farm’s cheesemaking facility or a stroll through the Dene via floating boardwalk. Special events include “Celebration of the Peonies” from late-May through mid-June (thousands of flamboyant blooms in the formal garden) and a Victorian Christmas, when the entire estate is bedecked in holiday finery. Manchester’s most popular visitor destination, Hildene is a favorite of ours in every season. Not to miss!


"Intimate view of the Robert Todd Lincoln home. The home contains important Lincoln family artifacts including Abraham Lincoln's famous stovepipe hat that he wore to the Ford Theatre, as well as his life mask. You are also able to hike the beautiful grounds and visit the Pullman Car used by Robert Lincoln when he was President of the Pullman Company. The car, Sunbeam, was also used by Teddy Roosevelt as he traveled between Chicago and Milwaukee in October 1912 at the height of his campaign for President on the Bull-Moose ticket."

Kris1230 (source)
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