Making Manchester Your Home

April 11, 2019

Making Manchester Your Home

Now this may seem like a ploy, but I’m about to share with you the secret to a healthy lifestyle. I could delve into the top fitness regiments and diet limitations, or perhaps take a more philosophical route to discuss the impact of a few close friends or family in ones’ life. However, what it all comes down to is balance. Equal parts work and play, as they say. Without balance we would be all over the place! All kidding aside, finding our place in the world seems like the ultimate goal. What better way to find inner balance, than to surround yourself with a paradise where balance is even apparent in the seasons.

Manchester, Vermont is truly a unique place that seamlessly blends classic Vermont with modern elements that remind us we are still in the 21st century. It’s not hard to uncover why so many continue to choose Vermont as a vacation destination. The question is, how long until those vacationers realize that this Green Mountain paradise was their home all along. The people are friendly, the town is growing, and the views are breathtaking. Whether you are recently empty nesters looking to downsize, a growing family looking for more space, or perhaps you are searching for a solo condo close to town, or a farmhouse in the countryside, or maybe you are in search of the perfect second home. No matter your lifestyle or design style, Manchester has the variety and balance to deliver.

The process of moving to a new place can be quite daunting. Luckily, there are several professionals in the area with experience and knowledge and are more than ready to assist you with your move to Southern Vermont. Searching for a finished home that is move-in ready? Choose from one of the many real estate brokers in the area such as Four Seasons Sotheby’s International Realty, Josiah Allen Real Estate, Re-Max Four Seasons Real Estate, or TPW Real Estate. With so many available real estate agents around, you are sure to find the perfect fit in Vermont for which you have been searching.

Looking to add your own creative ideas to your home, but need an extra hand and help from an expertise eye? There are plenty of companies to choose from to assist you with your home improvement projects. Whether you recently bought a fixer-upper, or you’ve been in the area and it’s time to give your spot a bit of a lift, stop by and see the folks at rk Miles. The place is loaded with the tools you need and staffed by those with the knowledge to steer you in the right direction. If you are looking for more hands-on help, or just want to watch the progress of the work from afar, Pete Conrad Construction can do it all. Top off your home project with interior design work done by the professionals at Northshire Living or Ramsay Gourd Architects, then add some finishing touches with landscaping beautification from the experts of Carpenter & Costin, they can truly transform your outdoor space and help make your inspirations a reality.

With Vermont life comes a plethora of adventure. You could find yourself deep in the woods behind the wheel of a brand-new Land Rover the very day you arrive, with help from the Land Rover Experience Driving School. Already have your own adventure mobiles? It’s essential to protect your home and your adventure items, including cars, ATVs and boats, in order to keep the fun going. With over 100 years in the business, W.H Shaw Insurance Agency strives to deliver top safety and protection coverage while always keeping cost effectiveness in mind. Another insurance agency option in town would be Finn & Stone Insurance, offering home, auto, flood, commercial, life, disability, and long term-care needs.

Who better to persuade you to join us Vermonters in our unique lifestyle than former President and forever native, Calvin Coolidge? Speaking to the people of Bennington in September of 1928, he proclaimed, “I love Vermont because of her hills and valleys, her scenery and invigorating climate, but most of all because of her indomitable people. They are a race of pioneers who have almost beggared themselves to serve others. If the spirit of liberty should vanish in other parts of the Union, and support of our institutions should languish, it could all be replenished from the generous store held by the people of this brave little state of Vermont.” President Coolidge recognized the passion and persistence that lived within the soul of each and every Vermonter. Luckily, that same passion and persistence resonates throughout Vermont to this day. Follow your passion and let us help you with not only finding your Vermont home, but to also find the elusive balance that we are all searching for in life.

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