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Ramsay Gourd Architects

Fresh Classics for Modern Living

Founded in 1996, Ramsay Gourd Architects is located in Manchester, Vermont as well as in Burlington, Vermont.

While much of our work remains local, we have a number of projects outside of the region, including Manhattan, New Jersey, Boston, and the New England seacoast.

We are a practice committed to the union of innovation and classicism. Through careful study of the unique elements of occupants, context, and program, we strive to provide our clients with a product specific to their requirements while improving on their expectations.

We consider the relationship between built structures and the landscape as a dialogue that occurs on all levels of experience.

From the way a building appears upon approach to how views are framed from within, each structure has a unique opportunity to express an idea about the site.

Our partnerships with outstanding craftsmen, along with clients committed to creating a legacy of enduring design, have resulted in projects befitting their contexts of time, place, and culture. Materials are thoughtfully detailed to logically compliment one another and respond to the elements of nature.


"Ramsay Gourd is a gifted and creative architect. He has an exceptional eye for detail and the ability to visualize what others can't."

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