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Long Ago & Far Away

A Gallery of Fine Indigenous Art and Jewelry from Across North America

Long Ago & Far Away is a locally owned gallery showcasing the deepest roots of art and culture on the continent – Canadian Inuit Art, Native Alaskan Art, and Native American Art, as well as Vermont arts and crafts. Located in the same converted, classic New England house since 1986, this Manchester gem has been a destination for discerning art appreciators and collectors for thirty years! Expect to find top-quality products made by the most interesting artists and craftspeople working today.


"My entire collection of animal fetishes/stone carvings has been slowly added to since childhood, only from the shelves of Long Ago & Far Away! Wonderful people, wonderful gallery!!"

Spencer M.

Our little town of Manchester, Vermont is a place visited by people from all parts of the world and from all walks of life. While our customer base is primarily local and regional, we reach out to our seasonal and occasional visitors throughout the year and have shipped products to every corner of the globe.

While our main focus - and our fame - is the presentation of indigenous arts and crafts, we have always presented jewelry, ceramics, furniture, gift items and other arts and crafts created by a select group of our incredibly talented neighbors here in New England.

We apply this term to arts and crafts created by individuals enrolled in a Federally- or State-recognized Tribe or Nation on the North American Continent. This includes Fetish Carvings from the Pueblo of Zuni, rugs woven by Navajo women as well as Zapotec families, baskets made from birch bark and porcupine quills from the Great lakes, and exquisite contemporary jewelry, mostly from the American Southwest. We are known internationally for our representation of the jewelry of Denise Wallace and her children Dawn and David, an Alaskan Native family of jewelers who now reside in Hawaii. We offer one of the most complete representations of Inuit sculpture from the High Arctic of Canada and wonderful, whimsical bone and walrus tusk carvings and jewelry from Alaska.

Our gallery is also a window into many cultural groups and includes Jewelry, Sculpture, Ceramics, Weavings, Basketry and much more. We are on a journey of exploring the Native cultures of North America through their arts and crafts. Over a 30 year period, this means we have presented nearly every kind of art and craft - in almost any medium - which is being created now. Many of the people who make up our large client base have been on this journey with us for many years and are the inspiration for many of our most endearing finds.

We love presenting shows and exhibitions featuring the artists, jewelers and craftspeople we represent, many of whom have developed personal relationships with our customers over the years. We announce shows in advance by postcard, email and social media, as well as in local and trade publications. Send us your contact info and we'll keep you in the loop.

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