Looking around town this past year, it is clear that many have rediscovered their bicycles, families, and local hidden treasures.  Umbrellas and outdoor seating popped up everywhere, making it easy to spend the day biking, eating, and breathing outdoors in Manchester.

If you are slow to the movement and need a place to start – bike the River Road on a foggy morning to Hill Farm Road or the Chiselville covered bridge; meander on the Dorset West Road after lunch; or fly down Union Street in the early evening.   Better yet, start with the newest edition in town . . .

Manchester Rec Path & Historic Marble Rail Trail

Downtown Manchester Center to North Road

There is a continuous path from Manchester Center’s Historic Business District to rural North Road. The wide crushed stone path starts to the right of the basketball court at Manchester Elementary & Middle School (MEMS) on Memorial Ave and ends at the North Road parking lot across from Squires Road. It is 5.5 miles roundtrip. Visit Bike Manchester VT for the map and more details.

For a complete visual tour of the path including historical railroad photos: visit:

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