Late June Activities

Hi there, thanks so much for writing! Late June is one of our very favorite times in Manchester. A couple of ideas around local food tours. First, check out Backroads Discovery’s summer sampler. For specific “stop” info you could reach out to Sharon, who is a wonderful, fun, and expert guide! The Vermont Tourism Department has also put together a self-guided “trail” that blends local food and art, called Palate to Palette.

With respect to live music, you’re arriving just ahead of the peak concert season. Our town concerts on the green begin in July, as do the Manchester Music Festival events. For sure, the Perfect Wife Restaurant and Tavern will have live music over the weekend, and probably Ponce Bistro with a little dinner and jazz.

Check back with Manchester VT Events as you get ready to hit the road to see if anything new has popped up!

Enjoy your visit, and if you like, share your discoveries with us!


Questions, comments, and suggestions welcome about anything and everything Manchester VT!

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