Vermont Flowers

Designer Julane Irvin-Ware of flowers, flowers and Vermont Flowers has been influenced and inspired by gardens, plants and landscapes since she was a young girl. Having traveled extensively with a passion for art and design, it proved serendipitous when she landed in Vermont, with her small son in tow. After a spate of garden-related adventures in her new community, she opened a floral design studio in Manchester’s historic district. With nearly twenty years of floral design experience, Irvin-Ware believes nature can speak volumes when it comes to setting a mood or expressing a sentiment. Inspired by Vermont’s country fields and roadsides, where magnificent Queen Anne’s lace, bee balm, black-eyed Susan’s and clover grow in harmony with wild clematis, bittersweet, and grapevine, Irvin-Ware creates floral themes that evoke memories of spring meadows, tranquil woods, or a summer day in grandmother’s garden.

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