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Helmholz Fine Art

Helmholz Fine Art is a public art gallery based in Manchester Center, Vermont with a by-appointment collection in Tribeca, NYC. In her first solo venture, gallerist Lisa Helmholz-Adams has parlayed her life experience, her relationships, and 20+ years as a gallery director into a remarkable cultural experience that’s open to visitors and to the community. A fine art gallery with a mission, Helmholz-Adams channels proceeds from her business to a philanthropic initiative she calls Global Reach to pursue her vision of making an impact on humanitarian causes and concerns around the world.

The gallery itself is an experience. From a charming, downtown New England setting, enter an open, industrial chic floor plan with twenty-foot ceilings designed to accommodate large masterpieces. At the rear of the main space, there’s an intimate salon with paintings on smaller walls, where one can break from the day and sit to simply enjoy the artwork.

Helmholz-Adams has worked for years with the artists she represents and says “they are all masters of their medium; each one of them successfully and consistently conveys their artistic vision.” You’ll see work from Elizabeth Torak (large scale figurative and semi-abstract), Stephen Schaub (personal landscapes shot using custom-built cameras, printed on rare, hand-made papers), Thomas Torak (classic paintings), Mark Wilson Meunier (egg tempera realism), Lisa Cueman (photograph of wild horses), Louis Guarnaccia (natural and urban landscapes and abstractions), Kathryn Jaliman (“Essence Art”), Margot Nimiroski (inner landscapes), and Douglas Flackman (American impressionism).



Most of Lisa's artists or photographers have been working in their selected mediums for thirty plus years, and some are in museums. She has chosen this stable of artists for their dedication and discipline, their work in rare mediums, and their commitments to pushing the envelope, and producing the very best work possible.

Helmholz Fine Art produces just a few exhibitions each year. They are the culmination of long work cycles and are always well attended, with artists on location to introduce and explain their work. Periodically, the artists demonstrate their techniques! Particularly when an artist works in a rare medium, it's helpful for even the most fluent art appreciators to see the work in action because it is so special, and so unique.

If you're interested in buying a piece of art from Lisa and live within a few hours drive, she'll often visit you at your home! After curating exhibitions for over 22 years, she knows that finding the right spot to enjoy your fine art isn't always easy. Of course, she also ships fed-ex all over the world.

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