Green Mountain Falconry

The Green Mountain Falconry School is located on a picturesque farm with the stunning backdrop of the beautiful Green Mountains.

Master falconer Rob Waite has been practicing falconry for over 30 years. Rob studied and worked as a professional falconer in the United Kingdom before moving to the United States. He managed the first falconry school to open in the U.S., The British School of Falconry at the Equinox, throughout its 18-year history. He now owns and operates the Green Mountain Falconry School, located at beautiful Boorn Brook Farm. Here he offers visitors a very rare opportunity to handle a trained hawk and share his passion for this ancient sport.


"What a wonderful experience! My wife and I opted for both the falconry lesson as well as the walking "hunt". I cant say enough good things about the whole experience. Rob is the owner/guide and was a combination of encyclopedic knowledge and boyish enthusiasm ... You get a solid, hands on education about the birds habits and traits which includes handling them (perching on, launching from and landing on your gloved hand) ... After getting introduced to the birds we went out for a "hunt" through fields and forest. The birds "follow along" as you walk flying from perch to perch and sometimes fly right between people. All the while Rob is educating and entertaining you with insight about the bird's habit, traits, hunting methods as well as all of the training that is involved in the sport of falconry."

Eric C. (source)
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